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Kinco Large Grain Pigskin Work Gloves, Size X-Large


  • Powerful Blower Feature
  • Built to Last
  • Sleek and Space-Saving Design
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Product Highlights:

Nail CapacityUp to 1,220 ⁣nails per charge for extended work periods
Motor & PumpBrushless motor with a robust oil-free pump for cordless yet powerful operation
Pressure AdjustmentOneTurn regulator enables quick ⁤and precise pressure ‍settings
PortabilityLightweight design at only 21.5 lbs, ‍making⁣ it⁤ easy​ to transport
DurabilityHeavy⁢ duty roll cage designed to withstand ⁣challenging​ job site conditions
ManufacturingProudly made in the USA with⁤ Global Materials
Noise LevelOperates at 79 dBA, ensuring ⁣a quieter work environment (ISO 3477)
PerformanceDelivers 1.2 SCFM at ⁤90 PSI for consistent and reliable performance (ISO 1217)

Additional information

Weight28 kg
Dimensions12 × 33 × 21 cm





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