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Stanley Heavy Duty Utility Blades with Dispenser (50 Pack)


  • Unleash Powerful Blower Capabilities
  • Built to Last a Lifetime
  • Sleek, Space-Saving Design
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Discover the ultimate solution ⁤for your nailing needs with our state-of-the-art cordless nailer. Say goodbye to the hassle of cords and hello to the freedom​ of cordless convenience without compromising on power.⁤ Designed for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, this tool is engineered to deliver high performance and reliability.

**Experience Unmatched⁤ Efficiency and Performance**

Our cordless nailer is a game-changer in the world⁤ of construction and carpentry. With the ability to drive up to 1,220 nails per charge, you can⁣ work longer without the need for constant recharging. The brushless motor ensures a longer lifespan and ‌consistent power, while the oil-free pump reduces maintenance and keeps your work environment clean.

**Precision and ‌Control at ⁤Your Fingertips**

The OneTurn regulator allows‌ for quick and precise⁤ pressure adjustments, ensuring that you have the perfect setting for each task. The⁢ lightweight design⁣ makes it easy to handle‌ and‌ maneuver, while the portability means you can take ⁢it​ wherever the job demands.

**Built Tough for the Toughest Jobs**

With a‌ heavy-duty roll cage, this nailer is ready to withstand the rigors of any job site. It’s built to last and made in⁢ the USA with ‍Global Materials, showcasing a⁣ commitment to quality and durability.

**Quiet Operation for a Better Work Environment**

At a 79‍ dBA operational noise ⁤level, this tool is quieter than many others‌ on the market, allowing you to work without causing significant noise disruption. This makes it ideal for​ use in residential areas or indoor environments where ‍noise‍ can be a concern.

**Optimized for ⁢Productivity**

With a delivery rate of 1.2 SCFM @ 90 ‌PSI, you can ⁤tackle tasks efficiently, ensuring that your projects are completed on time​ and with the highest quality.

**Product Summary:**

Nails per⁤ ChargeUp to 1,220
Motor TypeBrushless
Pump TypeHeavy duty ‍oil-free
Weight21.5 lbs
BuildHeavy duty roll cage
OriginMade in⁣ the USA with Global Materials
Noise Level79 dBA

**Pros and Cons:**

Cordless convenienceInitial cost may be​ higher than corded models
High nail capacity per chargeBattery ⁢life dependent on ‌usage
Fast, accurate pressure adjustments
Portable and lightweight
Durable construction
Quiet operation

Elevate your work with the efficiency, durability, and⁣ power of our cordless‌ nailer. It’s not just a ⁢tool; ​it’s your partner in achieving professional results with ease and confidence. Get yours today and ​transform the way you work!

Additional information

Weight28 kg
Dimensions12 × 33 × 21 cm