Are you tired of spending hours manually screwing in drywall screws? Look no further than the DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun. This powerful tool features a brushless motor for efficient performance and runtime, allowing you to tackle even the toughest jobs. With its wide variable speed range and dedicated High and Low settings, you can optimize usage in both light- and heavy-gauge substrates. The four dedicated tool modes enable operation in Trigger Mode (High Speed), Trigger Mode (Low Speed), PushStart Mode, and Lock-On Mode, giving you the versatility you need for any project. Plus, the top-mounted electronic mode select allows for fast, one-handed switching between modes. Say goodbye to inconsistent screw depth with the adjustable nosecone, ensuring every screw is set at the proper depth. Upgrade your drywall installation process with the DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun.

DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun, Tool Only (DCF630B)

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Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to drywall installation, having the right tools is essential for a successful project. The DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun is a tool that offers convenience and efficiency, making it a top choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors.

With a brushless motor, this screwgun delivers efficient performance and extended runtime, allowing you to work for longer periods without interruptions. Additionally, the wide variable speed range with dedicated High and Low settings helps optimize usage in both light- and heavy-gauge substrates, ensuring precise control and preventing damage to your materials.

One standout feature of the DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun is its four dedicated tool modes: Trigger Mode (High Speed), Trigger Mode (Low Speed), PushStart Mode, and Lock-On Mode. These modes enable you to adapt the tool to different tasks and operating preferences, providing maximum flexibility on the job. Plus, with the top-mounted electronic mode select, you can easily switch between the four modes using just one hand, saving you time and effort.

Features and Benefits

The DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun boasts several features that enhance its performance and usability. Here are some of the key features that make this tool a must-have:

Efficient Brushless Motor

The brushless motor not only maximizes runtime but also provides efficient performance, ensuring that your screws are driven in quickly and consistently. With this feature, you can complete your drywall projects with speed and precision.

Wide Variable Speed Range

The wide variable speed range allows you to adjust the tool’s speed to match the requirements of your project. Whether you’re working on light-gauge or heavy-gauge substrates, the High and Low settings give you the control you need for optimal results.

Four Dedicated Tool Modes

The four dedicated tool modes offer versatility and convenience. The Trigger Mode (High Speed) allows for rapid driving, perfect for projects that require a fast pace. The Trigger Mode (Low Speed) provides more controlled driving, ideal for delicate or intricate tasks. The PushStart Mode enables continuous driving without the need to continuously pull the trigger, reducing hand fatigue. Lastly, the Lock-On Mode allows for continuous driving without holding the trigger, allowing for hands-free operation in certain situations.

Adjustable Nosecone

The adjustable nosecone is a useful feature that enables you to set the proper screw depth consistently. This ensures that your screws are flush with the surface, resulting in a professional finish.

DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun, Tool Only (DCF630B)

DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun, Tool Only (DCF630B)

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Product Quality

DEWALT is a reputable brand known for manufacturing high-quality and reliable power tools. The DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun is no exception. It is built with durability in mind, ensuring that it can withstand demanding job site conditions. The brushless motor not only enhances performance but also extends the tool’s lifespan. Moreover, the top-mounted electronic mode select switch is designed to withstand frequent switching, ensuring long-term durability.

What sets this product apart is DEWALT’s commitment to quality control and rigorous testing standards. Each unit undergoes thorough inspections and testing to ensure that it meets or exceeds industry standards. This dedication to quality gives users peace of mind, knowing that they are investing in a dependable and long-lasting tool.

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What It’s Used For

The DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun is a versatile tool that is primarily used for drywall installation. Whether you’re working on a small home improvement project or a large-scale construction job, this tool can greatly simplify the process and improve efficiency.

Fast and Accurate Screw Driving

The tool’s high-speed mode is perfect for quickly driving screws into drywall, making it an ideal choice for professional contractors who need to complete tasks promptly. On the other hand, the low-speed mode provides precision control, allowing for accurate positioning of screws without overtightening. This versatility makes the DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun suitable for various drywall applications, from residential repairs to commercial installations.

Smooth Operation and Reduced Fatigue

The PushStart Mode is a standout feature of this screwgun. By eliminating the need to continuously hold down the trigger, this mode reduces hand fatigue, making it easier to work on large projects for extended periods. The Lock-On Mode is particularly useful when working on ceilings or overhead surfaces, as it allows for hands-free operation, promoting better ergonomics and reducing strain on the user.

Consistent Screw Depth

The adjustable nosecone is a valuable feature for achieving consistent screw depth. By setting the screw depth correctly, you can ensure that the screws are properly countersunk and the drywall surface remains smooth, resulting in a professional finish.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Thanks to the tool’s brushless motor and variable speed settings, the DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun helps improve overall efficiency and productivity. The efficient brushless motor reduces the time needed for each screw driving task, allowing you to complete projects faster. Additionally, the variable speed range enables you to adapt the tool’s performance to the specific requirements of each task, ensuring optimal results.

Product Specifications

Battery Voltage20V
Motor TypeBrushless
Speed RangeVariable
Number of Tool Modes4
Nosecone Depth AdjustmentAdjustable
Weight3.4 pounds (without battery)
Warranty3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun, Tool Only (DCF630B)

Who Needs This

The DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun is a valuable tool for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts in need of a reliable and efficient solution for drywall installation. Contractors, carpenters, remodelers, and even homeowners undertaking their own projects can benefit greatly from this tool. Whether you’re working on small repairs, renovating a room, or involved in large-scale construction, this screwgun offers the versatility and performance necessary to achieve high-quality results.

Pros and Cons


  • Efficient brushless motor for optimal performance and extended runtime.
  • Wide variable speed range for precise control in light and heavy-gauge substrates.
  • Four dedicated tool modes for versatility and convenience.
  • Adjustable nosecone for consistent screw depth.
  • Lightweight design for reduced operator fatigue.
  • Top-mounted electronic mode select for fast and easy switching between modes.
  • Backed by a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Tool only, battery and charger sold separately.
  • May be considered a specialized tool primarily for drywall installation.

DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun, Tool Only (DCF630B)


  1. Can this tool be used with other types of screws besides drywall screws?

    • Yes, the DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun can be used with various types of screws, but it is specifically designed for drywall installation.
  2. Is the battery included with the tool?

    • No, the battery and charger are sold separately. The DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun is part of the DEWALT 20V Max system, utilizing the same battery technology as other DEWALT 20V Max tools.
  3. Can this screwgun drive screws into other materials besides drywall?

    • While primarily designed for drywall installation, the DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun can also be used with other materials such as wood or steel, depending on the screw type and size.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have used the DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun have been highly satisfied with its performance and durability. Many praised its brushless motor for its power and efficiency, enabling them to work quickly and effectively. The adjustable nosecone also received positive feedback, with users appreciating its ability to consistently set the screw depth for a professional finish.

Overall, customers found the tool to be ergonomic and easy to use, with the different modes providing versatility and convenience. Users also appreciated the build quality and reliability of the DEWALT brand.

Overall Value

In terms of value, the DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun offers a great balance of features, performance, and durability. While it may be considered a specialized tool for drywall installation, its versatility in driving screws into other materials adds to its value.

The brushless motor, adjustable nosecone, and variable speed range enable precise control and efficient operation, ensuring that your drywall projects are completed quickly and with professional results. Additionally, the peace of mind provided by DEWALT’s commitment to quality and the 3-year limited warranty further enhances the overall value of this tool.

Tips and Tricks for Best Results

  • Familiarize yourself with the four tool modes and use the appropriate mode for each task to maximize efficiency and achieve optimal results.
  • Ensure that the screw depth is set correctly using the adjustable nosecone to achieve a professional finish.
  • Use appropriate screws for the specific materials being worked on, following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Clean the tool regularly to prevent dust and debris buildup, which can affect performance and longevity.
  • Consider investing in additional batteries to ensure uninterrupted workflow, especially for larger projects.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun is a reliable and efficient tool designed specifically for drywall installation. With its brushless motor, variable speed range, four dedicated tool modes, and adjustable nosecone, this screwgun provides the performance and versatility needed to tackle a wide range of drywall projects.

Final Recommendation

If you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast looking for a high-quality drywall screwgun, the DEWALT 20V Max Drywall Screwgun is definitely worth considering. Its efficient performance, versatile features, and durability ensure that you can complete your projects with ease and precision. Invest in this tool, and you’ll have a trusted companion for all your drywall installation needs.

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